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Beer Information

Alcoholic: Yes
Description: A low-alcohol (usually a maximum of 5 percent alcohol by weight) beverage brewed from MALTED barley and other cereals (such as corn or rye) mixed with cultured YEAST for FERMENTATION and flavored with HOPS.
Percent Alcohol: 5.0 %

Beer Drink Recipes

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Brands of Beer

Alexander Keith's Beer
Amstel Beer
Bass Ale Beer
Boddington's Beer
Brava Beer
Bud Ice Beer
Bud Light Beer
Budweiser Beer
Busch Beer
Busch Light Beer
Carling Black Label Beer
Carlsberg Beer
Carlton Draught Beer
Castle Lager Beer
Colt 45 Beer
Coors Beer
Coors Light Beer
Corona Beer
Dos Equis Beer
Foster's Beer
Guinness Beer
Harp Beer
Heineken Beer
Jamacian Red Stripe Beer
KeyStone Beer
Killian's Irish Red Beer
Kokanee Beer
Labatt Blue Beer
Lakeport Beer
Lonestar Beer
Lowenbrau Beer
Michelob Beer
Miller Beer
Miller Lite Beer
Molson Canadian Beer
Molson Export Beer
Moosehead Beer
Natural Light Beer
New Castle Beer
Old English Beer
Old Milwaukee Beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Red Stripe Beer
Rolling Rock Beer
Samuel Adams Beer
San Miguel Beer
Sleeman Beer
Stella Artois Beer
Windhoek Export Beer
Yeungling Beer

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