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About iDrink Cocktail Recipes, the web's favourite destination for drink information, is being transformed from just a drink and recipe database to the fun, exciting, interactive, refreshing new world of mixing, drinking, shopping and sipping. Enter to enjoy the complete online drink experience!

Database of Drink Recipes

The iDrink database is a quick and easy reference tool for mixing drinks for you and your guests. We have a database of over 32000 mixed drinks and cocktail drinks. We have everything from traditional favourites to the latest trendy concoctions, and we can make you look like an expert in no time. The information on over 32000 drinks has been compiled from recipes submitted by professional and amateur bartenders everywhere.

The next time you are planning to entertain a few friends or throw a big party, we invite you to enter all of your house or bar ingredients in our quick checklist. Then let our program match your ingredients against our database of over 32000 drink recipes. iDrink will now display all the drink possibilities containing your ingredients. You will be surprised at the number of drinks you can make! You will have more fun and enjoy your new bartending skills.

Search and Drink also allows you to search through the database for a particular drink's recipe. You can access this feature by typing the recipe name in the Quick Search box at the top right hand corner of the homepage. Enter a keyword, a short phrase, or part of a word to get a listing of matched drink recipes. If you don't know the name of the drink you're searching for, you can also search by ingredient or browse the database of drinks.

Interactive Fun

"Combine equal parts of ingenuity and insight. Stir in an ounce of originality and add a dash of appeal. Shake with creativity and enjoy!"

You too can have more fun with Search for all kinds of cocktail recipes! Try out some ingenious new ones! Add your favourites to our database!

Responsible Drinking

While having a drink can be a lot of fun it also can be dangerous. We strongly encourage everyone to drink responsibly. At iDrink our goal is to promote fun, responsible consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Don't spoil the fun by doing something irresponsible after you have consumed alcohol. There are many ways to avoid this such as designated drivers, having a safe place to stay after a night of drinking, waiting until the effects have worn off before leaving, etc. iDrink provides an extensive list of tasty alternatives to alcohol which as a designated driver you may consume without any risk, or if you simply wish a non-alcoholic alternative. Plan the end of your night before you start so you don't end up in a bad situation. Drinking stops being recreational when you affect the people around you. If you need help please get it.

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