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  1. Steps to a Successful iDrink experience
  2. Hints to using iDrink
  3. If all else fails...

  1. The Three Steps to a Successful iDrink experience

    1. Register. Registration is easy, fast and free, and will personalize your iDrink experience!. Simply click on Register in the top menu.
    2. Next Step: Click on the "My Recipes & Ingredients" link to the top. A screen will appear with a list of all the available ingredients at iDrink. Check the ingredients that you have around the house/bar/etc. (select as many as you can to maximize the results). Once you are finished, go to the bottom of the page, and click "Save Ingredients." A new screen will appear informing you that your ingredients were saved. Please note that every time you return to iDrink, your ingredient list will be waiting for you, whether you come back later today, tomorrow, or in six months. You can change your ingredient list at any time by clicking on "My Recipes & Ingredients".
    3. Finally, click on the recipe name that interests you. A new screen will appear with the full recipe for that drink.

  2. Hints to using iDrink:

    Everything is stored in a database structure and built by the minute, so it's important that you select all the ingredients you have, in order to maximize the results.

    1. Select general ingredients such as water and ice since they are in many of the recipes. Click Here for a count of all the ingredient totals sorted by popularity (this page may take a few seconds to load).
    2. When you revisit the site, your ingredient list will be waiting for you. You don't need to reselect your ingredients because they are already stored in our drink database on our server. You can always change your ingredient list by clicking on the "Enter Your Ingredients" link.
    3. Tell all your friends so they can experience iDrink for themselves!

  3. If all else fails...

    If you are really having difficulty with the site, and don't know what to do next, just email us at We'd be happy to help you out. Please briefly describe your problem, and copy the following data into your email message: (id = 999999).

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