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Cherry Information

Alcoholic: No
Description: There are two main groups of cherries - sweet and sour. The larger of the two are the firm, heart-shaped sweet cherries. They're delicious for eating out of hand and can also be cooked. The most popular varieties range from the dark red to purplish black BING, LAMBERT and TARTARIAN to the golden, red-blushed ROYAL ANN. MARASCHINO CHERRIES are usually made from Royal Ann cherries. Sour cherries are smaller, softer and more globular than the sweet varieties. Most are too tart to eat raw, but make excellent pies, preserves and the like.
Origin: Said to date as far back as 300 b.c., cherries were named after the Turkish town of Cerasus.
Percent Alcohol: 0.0 %
Colour: dark red

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