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Party Yucca drink recipe

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Party Yucca drink recipe made with Ice,Lemon,Sugar,Tequila,. How to make a Party Yucca with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
1lotsIce Ice
6eachLemon Lemon
1litreTequilafavorite kindTequila
ok. you need a big pickle jar that's clean (gallon size). Take the lemons cut them in half, squeeze in jar and throw in. add sugar and fill with ice to top. add tequila and fill with ice again. put lid on, wrap with towel and shake for at least 1 hour. keep it covered with the towel while your shaking. It's great for campfires when everyone is siting around. Just pass it around and after an hour tastle the best drink of your life.
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What our users have to say about Party Yucca recipe:

Mary Duncan said on 2008-06-18 08:18:45.940
party drink
I was looking over the internet for how to "make a Baby". It's a tequila drink and this "party Yucca drink" looks similar. the "make a Baby drink calls for 2 cups of sugar and 4 lemons, squeezed and added. We'll try yours, as it sounds more "refreshing"

TC said on 2009-04-11 11:29:16.447
You can also use Vodka instead of Tequila COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john.... said on 2009-05-05 15:48:10.580
so cal Yucca recipe....
FILL large pickel jar or large sun tea jar with ice, then add: Freshly squeezed juice from 10 limes Freshly squeezed juice from 10 lemons, 2 cups sugar or honey equivilant, one good bottle of tequilla proceed as directed above.... I don't even like tequilla, and this stuff rocks!

BoboCabo said on 2010-10-24 09:57:33.653
Yucca - Ski Country Style
1 Liter of Vodka 7 whole lemons 1 cup sugar Lots of ice Large pickle jar Large bath towel Add all ingredients together in pickle jar, be sure to pack in lots of ice. Lay towel on floor & roll jar up in towel, twist ends of towel & you have your "baby". Start shaking the baby for 15 minutes (exactly) & pass it around. DON'T STOP THE SHAKING. #1 rule: If you don't shake, you don't partake. When done, carve a "Y" into lid of jar. Open, drink, share. Oh yeah, baby!!

Nyx said on 2012-10-05 04:32:21.103
Yucca - Land pirate style
10 lemons 10 limes 5 cups sugar 750ml to 1L mid shelf tequila (trust me on this one) No clue how much ice. Take 2 gallon container. Rub limes and lemons on table for a couple seconds, juice and add juice to container. Add equal volume of Tequila as juice is in container (eyeballed). Add Sugar and some of the juiced lemon and lime halfs. Add equal volume of ice as juice is in container. Cap and container in a towel like you would wrap a baby. Start shaking it for at least 5-10min, then pass to next person to shake, and repeat till everyone has shaken it. As BoboCabo says, if you don´t shake, you don´t partake. Open, drink and share.

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