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Mexican Clamato drink recipe

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Mexican Clamato drink recipe made with Lime juice,Salt,Tabasco,Tomato Juice,Pepper,. How to make a Mexican Clamato with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
0.33 Lime juice Lime juice
1 Salt Salt
1dropTabasco Tabasco
0.66 Tomato JuiceClamato JuiceTomato Juice
1SprinklePepper Pepper
Scarch a glass, ADD Chopped Baby Clams, Add Lime Juice, and Tomato Juice, sprinkle Pepper, add a couple of drops of Tabasco Sauce, and some drops of Stake Sauce, Stir and Serve, mixes well with beer.
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What our users have to say about Mexican Clamato recipe:

Lloyd said on 2012-01-31 19:12:13.737
" Clam " Drink
Like DAH..... You Americans live in a cave... Move to Canada ( NO please don't). We are light years ahead of you on this one. We get Motts Spicey Clamato Juice in the grocery store. Great stuff. All the things you mention but already mixed. Wonderful P.S. I know you'll say you can get Motts down there... I've tried it, NO comparison. This one here is for real.... I do agree that it mixes well with beer..... Have you ever heard of a Ceaser??? Another great Canadian invention that is a mix of Vodka and Clamato juice etc. Someday you'll catch up

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