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Caca-Featuring Aryn And Emma drink recipe

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Caca-Featuring Aryn And Emma drink recipe made with Apple Juice,Banana,Eggs,Maple syrup,Butter,. How to make a Caca-Featuring Aryn And Emma with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
888 Apple Juice Apple Juice
314 Banana Banana
360 Eggs Eggs
180 Maple syrup Maple syrup
165 Butter Butter
first u take a little bit of Ca-Ca and mix it was the apple juice. Then you take the eggs and crack them over your ASS. After that take the Kool-Aid and smile b/c your on Ca-Ca camera.Last but not least take the banana dipped in maple syrup and remember to wear your seatbelt and no DUI's because this is an alcoholic beverage. Mix everything together and serve in a JOHN.
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