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Dmada drink recipe

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Dmada drink recipe made with Amaretto,Amaretto,Cognac,Eggs,Butter,. How to make a Dmada with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
1 Amaretto Amaretto
1 Amarettoin a bottleAmaretto
1 Cognac Cognac
0.333 EggsbrownEggs
1stickButter Butter
first you take a shot of hot butter, get it while its hot boyz. THEN, mix the rum and the eggs together, yolk it like it scrached ur car. then the take a whole lot of pop rocks and shove them in ur mouth wit the better taste stillthere, then cognac it all the way, then last but not least, swollow the whole egg and the rum together... u'll b feelin that in the mornin... ooooh yea
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