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Handgrenade drink recipe

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Handgrenade drink recipe made with Melon liqueur,Sugar,Vodka,. How to make a Handgrenade with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
3ozMelon liqueur Melon liqueur
5cupSugar Sugar
3ozVodka Vodka
this is a kick ass New Orleans favorite! This sucker will knock u on your feet. The only this that u need besides the stuff above is (2oz.) of Everclear. That stuff is like Rocket fule. it is 95% alchohol. The melon liquer is any melon flavored liquer. (ex. watermelon schnapps)These ingrediants call for 5 gallons which u mix with water, u can make less if needed. Just add water if needed.
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Anthony B said on 2010-08-28 12:11:52.210
This is how you make a real hand grenade
The "hand grenade" was first made at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition. It consists of 1 ounces each of rum, gin, vodka, grain alcohol, and melon liquor served over crushed ice and garnished with mint. The recipe, trademark, and licenses of the product are owned by 721 Bourborn, Inc.

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