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Sweet'N'Dirty drink recipe

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Sweet'N'Dirty drink recipe made with Cola,Water,. How to make a Sweet'N'Dirty with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
8ozCola Cola
1.5ozWaterdirty keg waterWater
Pour a 1.5 oz shot of dirty keg water (flavored by stale beer) into Collins glass. Add Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi to fill.

To obtain ingredients cheaply / illegally: Allow approximately fifty minutes to pass after kicked keg has been removed from tub of ice water. In drunken stupor, seize capless bottle of Bacardi Limon lying on its side in the tub. In order to achieve desired effect, thief must be sure to believe he has stolen a valuable alcoholic asset. Bring to the local pizza shop, concealing bottle in coat. At store, drop contents of wallet, but continue unfazed. Return to room and pass out under the Christmas tree (seasonal beverage). Enjoy!

Recipe contributed by John Rodriguez. He's a sophomore who enjoys long romantic walks on the beach with two Sweet'nDirty's -- one for him and one for that special someone. Are you that someone?

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