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Pylka Anti-Lame Formula drink recipe

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Pylka Anti-Lame Formula drink recipe made with Bitters,Champagne,Eggs,Gatorade,Grain Alcohol,. How to make a Pylka Anti-Lame Formula with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
2ozBitters Bitters
4ozChampagne Champagne
1 Eggs Eggs
3ozGatorade Gatorade
4ozGrain Alcohol Grain Alcohol
This looks really disgusting at first glance, but it really tastes quite extraordinary once mixed. Start with a good sized glass, mix the gatorade, bitters, grain alcohol, and champagne. The brand name isn't too important on the alcohol, everything seems to turn out all right. Then crack the egg over the top. (be careful not to break the yolk) Use the popsicles to dip past the egg, since it is only for appearance.
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