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Klingon Bloodwine drink recipe

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Klingon Bloodwine drink recipe made with Grain Alcohol,Scotch,Tequila,Triple Sec,. How to make a Klingon Bloodwine with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
6ozGrain AlcoholEverclearGrain Alcohol
6ozTriple Sec Triple Sec
Add 3 drops green food coloring

Add 3 drops red food coloring

You may have to adjust the food coloring to get a good red coloring.

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What our users have to say about Klingon Bloodwine recipe:

ReknapS said on 2010-03-22 22:29:36.100
this is undrinkable, especially in a social setting like a klingon feast or a convention. i don't know what 'tard put this up but klingon bloodwine is never colored with dye, and if there is going to be everclear there had better be some sort of juice because its just stupid and dangerous to add everclear to hard liquour. every fan group has its own recipe, most are some combination of cranberry juice, grape juice, rum, sherry, bourbon/whiskey/rye and sometimes vodka. mine sits for a couple weeks prior to con with a pepper or two for an unexpected spicy that teaches people the hard way not to overdo it.

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