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Jameel'Snotforanybitchdrink drink recipe

Jameel'Snotforanybitchdrink  recipe
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Jameel'Snotforanybitchdrink drink recipe made with Grain Alcohol,Kool-Aid,. How to make a Jameel'Snotforanybitchdrink with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
3ozGrain AlcoholGet the 190 proof bottle, or it's a bitch drinkGrain Alcohol
5ozKool-AidDrink when COLD, and put LOTS of sugar. Pussy's prefer grape, cause it dilutes the taste of the alcoholKool-Aid
Make the Kool-Aid w/ a shit load of sugar, adn then mix it w/ the alcohol. Drink, and watch in amazement as ugly ppl get better looking after every sip.

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