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The Panty Drink drink recipe

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The Panty Drink drink recipe made with Coffee Liqueur,Grain Alcohol,Beef Bouillion,Butter,Pop Rocks,. How to make a The Panty Drink with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
1pintCoffee Liqueur Coffee Liqueur
2pintGrain Alcohol Grain Alcohol
3cubeBeef Bouillion Beef Bouillion
0.5stickButter Butter
1packPop Rocks Pop Rocks
place all ingredients in a vat and shake thouroughly. then place in a large blender and blend on mince for approximately 2.745 minutes, let stand for five minutes. strian through coffee grinds using soiled panties for a filter into large pot. pre-heat oven for 400.333 degrees and mix with tapioca pudding mix and bake for 1.67-3.98 minutes, then pour into martini glass and garnish with a bloody tampon.

bon appetite

surgeon general's warining- drinking more than two glasses of this in twenty four hours may result in pubic hair loss and cancer of the testicals

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