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Whales Tales

	Very confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it,
eventually. Beer and people with an imagination are needed. Any number of
people stand together in a circle & 1 person (the prince of wales) starts 
by saying...
"Whales tales, the prince of wales calls  tales, on a court of
, on "
There are thousands of different types of tales, many of the custom jobs, but 
I'll list those at the end....  The court size is the number of people counted
off from the prince, depending on the type of tales it could be just numbers,
letters, etc... when introducing a new type of tales, it is polite to point
to each person as you count off the ordinal for them.
Once the prince picks someone ('on four') for example that person must say
'nay', the prince then responds 'who', and the person then picks a new person
'1' which would be the person next two him, who would respond, 'nay' and the
person who said one would then say 'who' and the person who said nay would
then pick a new number... here's a graphical? picture:
                                 B C
A: "whales tales, the prince of wales, calls regular rotational tails, on a
    court of 4 on 2"
D: "nay"
A: "who"
D: "3"
B: "nay"
D: "who"
B: "4"
B: "nay,who,1" - this is legal, generally it is polite to use the sizeof as max
D: "nay"
B: "who"
D: "1"
C: "nay"
D: "who" and so on....
There are like i said, many variations on the type of tales you can play though
generally there are only 3 types of rotation, regular, reverse, & counter
regular & reverse are counterclockwise & clockwise & counter oscillates between
if it goes to C clockwise, from C it goes counterclockwise...
Tales :
Regular (1,2,3,4,etc)
Greek   (Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta,etc)

Fat Albert (One-ba, two-ba, three-ba, etc Note: all words are -ba'd as well
            ex: on 1-ba, nay-ba!, who-ba?, 3-ba)
Jamaican   (One-mon, two-mon, three-mon, etc... (See Fat albert for the rest))
Canadian   (One-eh, two-eh, three-eh, etc)
Also, you can add in speed tales... in which the nay/who lines are removed
As in most of the beer games, when you screw up or it takes you too long to
respond you drink... The person who drinks becomes the new prince for the next
round & gets to call the type of tales, etc.

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