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Article 5

Hair of the Dog that Bit You

By Russ Cobbe

Ever have a hangover? Many of us have heard the expression "Hair of the Dog that Bit You" which basically means consume some more of what gave you the hangover in the first place. So if you had beer the night before, have a beer in the morning to get rid of the hangover. There are lots of old wives tales about how to deal with that massive morning (or afternoon depending on how late you stayed up) headache.

A hangover is basically a lack of hydration to the brain. When you drink alcohol it actually dehydrates you by using water in the body to break down the alcohol. Those constant washroom visits are a testament to that, as your body gets rid of the broken down alcohol and the water used to do it. In the end you have less liquids in your body. The brain seems to suffer the most and you feel it, and I mean really feel it, with a headache.

With the holidays coming up and the chances of serious hangovers higher, it might be helpful to look at some ways to prevent and cure a hangover.

Water drink lots before and while drinking, sometimes with various vitamins
Gatorade - drink lots before and while drinking to replace electrolytes
Tomato juice, aspirin/tylenol and a long, hot shower
Stay in bed for a regular 8 hours sleep or more
Eating fatty, high calorie foods the next morning
Don't mix different types of alcohol, remember the saying "beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer and your in the clear"

So do those old wives tales actually work? According to medical professionals, no. The best solution is to not imbibe so heavily in the first place.

There are also a few commercial products available that claim to prevent or cure a hangover. They all work in different ways including: absorbing alcohol toxins, replenishing nutrients, reducing binge cravings, increasing metabolism of alcohol, and/or helping re-hydrate the brain. Commercial products include Chaserplus, Sobr-k, CHP and RU-21, which are all available over the counter in health food stores and pharmacies among other outlets.

Have a happy holiday season, don't over indulge and please drink responsibly. Don't forget to visit for over 13000 cocktail recipes and lots of drink information.

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