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Article 14

Energy In Your Cocktails

By Russ Cobbe

There has been a trend lately to mix energy drinks, that are high in caffeine, with alcohol to get a real buzz and be able to drink and stay up longer. Basically an Energy drink contains large amounts of caffeine, in the neighbourhood of 80mg/can whereas cola is 45mg/can . This gives you the sense of being more alert and having more energy. The energy drinks also contain some herbs and other ingredients that act as stimulants. Red Bull is probably the most popular energy drink out there but there are lots of different brands.

The body needs rest and feeling fatigued is a good indication you need to get some shut eye. While you may feel more alert and less impaired when having an energy drink and alcohol, you are in fact just as impaired but don't realize it. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can also cause heart palpitations since both can cause that on their own, when mixed together you run a much higher risk. On top of this caffeine is a diuretic so you tend to get dehydrated even faster thus having an even bigger hangover the next day. Its best to see how your body reacts to a energy drink before mixing it with alcohol in any way. You should probably also limit yourself to one of these concoctions. Here are a couple of recipes to try

Jager Bomb Recipe

1.0 shot Jagermeister
0.5 can Red Bull

Pour 1/2 a can of Red Bull into a Collins glass. Drop the shotglass full of Jager into the cup and chug...tastes like bubblegum!!

Cherry Bomb #5 Recipe

1.0 oz Cherry Vodka
1.0 can Red Bull

Pour Red bull into a beer mug. Pour the cherry vodka seperately into a shot glass, drop into the beer mug, and chug.

Always remember to drink responsibly including not drinking and driving. For more cocktail information you can visit

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