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Absinthe Article

The Green Fairy Strikes Back

Absinthe, aka the Green Fairy, is rising to popularity once again as it did during the French Belle Epoch period 200 years ago. Absinthe had always enjoyed a cultish following and was most appreciated by creative minds. This is still the case today but since being featured in films such as Moulin Rouge and From Hell, absinthe is breaking through into the mainstream.

Where to Buy Absinthe

Absinthe is still banned in the USA so you will not be able to find it in stores or bars. However, it is perfectly fine to purchase a bottle for your own drinking pleasure. Now you may ask, if it is banned in the USA where would you find it. Well, the best place to purchase absinthe is online. There are many websites selling absinthe that deliver to the USA and some even guarantee delivery. Be sure to order an absinthe spoon as well so you can perform the ritual. It is a wonderful experience and you donít want to miss out.

Absinthe Truths

- If you want to experience the absinthe effects you must do two things:
1. You must drink an absinthe containing the traditional levels of thujone. Most absinthes have 10mg but the King of Spirits Gold from the Czech Republic has 100mg.
2. You must also drink it fast to feel the effects of the thujone or you will just feel the alcohol. Preferably, you should finish your first glass within the first 10 minutes.

- Absinthe is bitter and strong, especially the King of Spirits Gold. Please do not drink it straight because it will taste awful guaranteed. Properly prepare it with sugar and water.

- The flavor is unique and probably something you have not encountered before. The first few drinks may taste nasty but after that you will start to like the flavor.

- Absinthe will not make you go crazy or hallucinate, although there have been some reported cases. It will, however, give you a unique buzz where you will feel awake, alert and enlightened in addition to being drunk

Absinthe can also be used in mixed drinks as well, especially the French formulated absinthes such as Staropleznecky or Red Absinthe. Here are some recipes for you to try.

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